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Evaluation Exercises on Semantic Evaluation - ACL SigLex event


The purpose of Senseval (http://www.senseval.org) is to evaluate semantic analysis systems.
SemEval-2010 will be the 5th workshop on semantic evaluation.

The first three workshops, Senseval-1 through Senseval-3, were focused on word sense disambiguation, each time growing in the number of languages offered in the tasks and in the number of participating teams. In the 4th workshop, SemEval-2007, the nature of the tasks evolved to include semantic analysis tasks outside of word sense disambiguation.

The next edition will be SemEval-3. It will be the 6th workshop of the series.


  • end of August - task organizers deliver trial data
  • deadline for submission of systems: April 2, 2010 (some tasks will have specific timeline contraints. Please stay tuned.)
  • SemEval wokshop collocation: ACL July 11-16, Uppsala, http://acl2010.org

SemEval-2010 workshop program is on-line

SemEval-2010 Chairs

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