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Evaluation Exercises on Semantic Evaluation - ACL SigLex event



#Task nameTrial dataTrain dataTest dataOther resorcesScorer
 Coreference Resolution in Mult...  [download] [download]with the keys [download]  [download]
 Cross-Lingual Lexical Substitu...  [download]-with the keys [download]  -
 Cross-Lingual Word Sense Disam... updated 15.10.2010 [download]-with the keys [download]  [download]
 VP Ellipsis - Detection and Re...  [download]--  -
 Automatic Keyphrase Extraction...  [download] [download]with the keys [download]  -
  Classification of Semantic... ---  -
 Argument Selection and Coercio...  [download] [download] [download]  [download]
 Multi-Way Classification of Se...  [download] [download]with the keys [download]  [download]
 Noun Compound Interpretation U...  [download]updated 2010.03.22 [download]with the keys [download]  [download]
10  Linking Events and their Parti...  [download] [download] [download]  [download]
11  Event Detection in Chinese New... -updated 2010.03.24 [download]with the keys [download]  -
12  Parser Training and Evaluation... updated 2010.03.24 [download]-with the keys [download]  -
13  TempEval 2  [download]updated 2010.03.25 - batch 1 and 2 [download] [download]  [download]
14  Word Sense Induction  [download] [download] [download]  -
15  Infrequent Sense Identificatio...  [download] [download]with the keys [download]  -
16  Japanese WSD  [download]--  -
17  All-words Word Sense Disambigu...  [download]-with the keys [download]  -
18  Disambiguating Sentiment Ambig...  [download]-with the keys [download]  -

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